Located in Klagenfurt in southern Austria, we are providing true autonomy for standard drones. Our unprecedented drone navigation algorithm is extending the work done for the Ingenuity Mars helicopter.

This allows us to bring data acquisition to a new dimension, leveraging a novel approach to autonomy, capable of capturing a new magnitude of real-world data using drones – without GPS and in unknown environments. This autonomy expands the potential of commercially available drones without the necessity of additional specialized navigation sensors.

Ultimately, Avemoy delivers an optimized and accelerated technology ready for capturing real-world data in a variety of environments. On top of being able to capture data in many branches of the industry, our know-how comprises years of work with AI and cloud environments which enables us to provide solutions to derive insights from real-world environments ranging from business intelligence dashboarding to accurate digital twins.

Use Case – Greenhouse

Greenhouses have been emerging and are continuing to emerge at a high rate in Europe in order to reduce overseas transportation costs, provide fresh produce at any time of the year and increase crop yield per area. The industry is still relying on considerable manpower not only in harvesting but also to ensure plant health and high crop yield. Drones would provide significant support, especially for monitoring purposes. However, with the limited space, many obstacles and GPS-poor environments, drones are so far not able to operate in these confined spaces.

With our upgrade-autonomy package, we enable even smaller off-the-shelf drones to operate fully autonomously in such environments and provide the greenhouse operators with a new level of accurate and plant-specific data regarding plant health, pests and greenhouse environment.

Together with a charging hangar the drone is placed inside the greenhouse and autonomously captures each row in configurable heights – visually. For our customers this system is delivered as a plug-and-play solution without the need of additional training.

Use-Case Greenhouse – Architecture

The collected amounts of data are uploaded to our cloud database during charging of the drone on the hangar. Using artificial intelligence, the visual dataset is used to automatically derive insights about crops condition, harvest prediction and possible plant pests. Continuous dashboard access allow our customers to keep track of all conditions inside the greenhouse – at all time.

This continuous digitization of various plant conditions reliefs customers from costly manual inspections and creates additional insights.


Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hardt-Stremayr
Dipl.-Ing. Markus Fox

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Reichmann
Ashish Mohan, M.Tech

Ahmed Ali, M.Sc.

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Stephan Weiss

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Daniel Weiss


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